How to Sell Your House for MORE

We Buy Ugly Houses and More!

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We Don’t JUST Buy in Cash

And We Don’t JUST Buy Ugly Houses

That’s right… we buy multi-family, townhouses, vacant land, commercial properties, condominiums, judgment liens, mortgages, and more… and we can buy them in creative ways.


It gives you more things to sell and more ways to sell them. And as you will see below, getting a little creative can actually increase your offer amount.

BY NOW, you likely understand how we determine our CASH offer amounts, but we have not discussed how you can get a HIGHER offer from us going a slightly different route.

In the “How it Works” page we discussed the process for how we buy houses for cash. 

We’re Not Picky! Keep Reading to See What We Buy and How We Buy It.

Examples of Ways the We Buy Properties

We Pay More for Ugly Houses

You probably want to sell your house for as much as possible, but in reality, selling your house for cash may not get you your highest sales price. And the reason for this is risk. Normally, cash buyers expect a discount because they supply you with certainty and less risk. Otherwise, you would have to navigate the uncertainty of a traditional sale where you will need to find a buyer who wants an inspection and needs financing. This, accordingly, makes the actual closing of your house somewhat uncertain, thereby increasing your risk. The saying “One in the hand or two in the bush” comes to mind. Would you prefer to accept a slightly lower sales price but minimize your risk by selling to a cash buyer or would you rather try for a higher sales price and increase your risk and uncertainty by going the traditional route? Maybe the answer for you is somewhere in the middle. In that case, we have other options available.

Subject to the Mortgage

Selling a property “Subject To” the mortgage means that instead of satisfying the existing mortgage at closing, we leave it in place until after we rehab the property and sell it to an end-buyer. We make payments on the mortgage while we own the property and then pay it off when we sell the property. We are able to pay you more for your property in these cases because we are reducing the amount of closing costs and cash out of pocket.

Good for:

Probate Properties Foreclosures

Non-Recourse Loans Short Sales

Seller Financing

Selling a property with seller financing means that you finance part of the buyer’s purchase price. Typically, you would receive a 5%-15% as a down payment at closing with monthly payments thereafter until the property is sold to a third party. This strategy works best when the property is free and clear or has a lot of equity or when the property is unique or difficult to finance using traditional methods. Seller financing is also beneficial to sellers who inherited their properties because it provides a way to defer capital gains taxes on the sale.

Good for:

Free and Clear Properties Inherited Properties

Tax Deferral Situations Unique / Hard to Sell Properties

Joint Venture

In a joint venture you don’t sell us your property. Instead we partner with you to get the property ready for a sale to a third party buyer. We bring our knowledge and experience – as well as our cash – to fix up the property and make it “retail ready”. We then list and market the property to find an end buyer . Leverage our combined 40 years of knowledge investing in and selling houses to get top price for your home. We establish a base value for your home which you receive at closing plus your share of the profits from the sale.

Good for:

Properties in Good Condition High Equity Properties

Vacant Properties Vacation Rentals

So Many Options…

As you can see, you have so many options to sell your property on your terms. Just fill out the form so we can connect and figure out the best option for your situation. Whether you’re trying to sell a house, condo, apartment building, piece of land, or a mortgage, we have you covered.

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So, What Types of Properties DO We Buy?

When we say We Offer Cash for Properties we don’t just mean houses.

Besides Ugly Houses, We Also Buy…

Our Promise

Professional and Friendly!

No pressure, hard selling or haggling. We are pride ourselves on our professionalism and friendliness.

Offers within 24 hours!

Fill out the form, and we will send you an offer within 24 hours. There’s no obligation to accept.

No Realtors, No Commissions!

You won’t pay any real estate commissions or “service fees” at closing, so you can keep more money in your pocket.

No Lowball Offers!

We always offer Fair Market Value for your house. We follow this process to arrive at a price based on a tried and true formula.

Close within two weeks!

Have cash in hand in as quickly as two weeks. And we’re flexible with closing dates if you need to move it to accommodate your schedule.

We Pay Legal Fees!

You don’t have to pay to cure legal issues before closing. We’ll handle that for you.

In Conclusion

You can maximize your offer by choosing an alternative to a cash offer. Whether you choose sell subject to, with seller financing, or to partner with us, we can find a way to maximize our offer to you by getting a little creative. Don’t worry if your properties isn’t a house because we don’t just buy houses. We buy apartments, multi-family properties, vacant land, commercial buildings, rentals, and so on.

Now that you’ve gotten to know us, let us get to know you—> here and fill out the form.