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We Buy Houses Using The Process Below

The next sections will go into more detail about what each step entails and how we get from NOW to CASH IN YOUR POCKET in TWO WEEKS.

1. What Happens First

When you first contact us, you’ll get an confirmation email that we connected. Next, one of our friendly staff members will call you (usually within a few minutes if it’s during business hours) to ask you some simple questions about your home.  We’ll ask about the approximate age of the roof and AC, if there have been any upgrades, whether there are any issues with the electricity, plumbing, foundation, etc.  We use this information to formulate a fair market cash offer.  If you don’t know the answers, that’s ok. We can figure it out in the next step. 

2. Repairs and Walkthrough

We expect there to be some items we will need to fix. At this point, we’re just trying to gauge the amount of work and cost involved in making those repairs. After our initial conversation, we’ll set up a time to see the house with one of the owners of the company. During this meeting we’ll do a visual inspection and take some pictures. 

3. How You Will Receive the Offer

We will send you a written cash offer for your property within 24 hours of the visit. We normally send the offer by email, which will allow you to sign digitally. Here are a few things to know about our offers:

They are cash- meaning that there are no appraisal or financing contingencies They have limited inspection periods- We normally do not formally inspect the property. However, we may ask for a limited inspection in the event there is a roof, plumbing, or electrical issue.

We can close within 2 weeks, if needed- We are very flexible with closing dates and times, so we can accommodate your schedule and the closing date you want.

Our offers are written on a standard FARBAR (Florida Association of Realtors/Florida Bar) As-Is contract. These are the same contracts used by Realtors.

4. How We Calculate the Offer

I’m sure you heard about that neighbor that sold their house for more than anyone else has sold in the neighborhood. Let’s say, for example, that neighbor sold their house for $250,000.

In order for your house to sell for that amount on the MLS, your house must be in a similar condition. So, if your neighbor’s house has a pool, yours must have a pool. If your neighbor has a brand new kitchen, then yours needs to have a new kitchen too. If your neighbor listed it on the MLS to get that price, then you will have to as well. 

In order for your house to be worth that price, you will need to invest significant amounts of money and time to bring your house to the condition of the neighbor’s house. Let’s say it takes $50,000 to bring your house to the condition of the neighbor’s house. That means that the fair market value of your house is less than $200,000.

WHY? First, your neighbor paid Real Estate commissions and closing costs, so they actually sold their house for closer to $230,000.  Second, because we can’t just write a check for $50,000 and the home is instantly fixed, the time to remodel the home costs money in the form of taxes, insurance, and interest.  Third, we have to earn a profit from improving and reselling the house. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a business. SO…

When we make an offer, it’s based on the fair market value for the condition of the home. We take into account what neighboring houses sold for along with the cost of repairs, cost to hold the home, market conditions, and a reasonable profit margin. We start with the highest number (in this case, your neighbor’s house) and work backward. 

5. What Happens on Closing Day

At closing, you will need to sign documents to transfer title to the property and to receive your cash. This is all handled by a title company. The name and address of the title company is written on the contract and you will have ongoing communication with the title company from when we sign the contract through closing. We are very flexible with the date of closing, so you can easily move it to accommodate your schedule. If you are out of state or prefer not to visit the closing office to sign your documents, the title company can arrange for a notary to come to you to have the documents signed.

Once the documents are signed and returned to the title company, they will wire your cash directly to to your account. At this point, the property is our responsibility and you can move to the next stage of your life.

This Short Video Breaks Down The Formula We Use to Buy Houses

What Will You Do After We Buy Your House For Cash?

This owner turned his ugly inherited house into a dream vacation.

This owner used the cash from closing to pay off her debt.

This owner used the cash from closing to relocate and spend more time with his family.

We Buy Houses That Are Not-So-Ugly, Too…

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We follow this process to arrive at a price based on a tried and true formula.

Close Within Two Weeks!

Have cash in hand in as quickly as two weeks and flexible closing dates. Close on your schedule.

We Pay Legal Fees

You don’t have to pay to cure legal issues before closing. We’ll handle that for you.

A Solid Buyer Means Having Peace of Mind

You can finally make solid plans to move forward with your life. Whether you want to relocate, move on from that burdensome house, or start a new chapter in your life, we offer the next step to get there. We can handle foreclosure, bad tenants, divorces, bankruptcies, relocation, and probate properties. Just Fill out this form to get your offer within 24 hours. If you still have questions, check out our about us page to learn more about who we are.