What Makes a Profitable Rental Property?

Just like any form of investment, when investing in a rental property, you have to go in armed with all the necessary information. Several factors determine what you shell out money on. It’s typical for rental property investors to analyze endlessly and struggle to get any deal done or even pay over the odds if they complete a sale. Also, crunching the numbers in a deal can be too much work, especially for greenhorns. So in this article, we will discover the most important things to keep in mind when picking a rental property that will be profitable.

Job Market

When a location has high chances of growing employment opportunities, this will appeal to more tenants. If a company is relocating or establishing a new area, you can be sure that workers in this company will want to settle close to the work area. This can lead to rental fluctuations depending on the business nature. If the company is closer to your property, there is a high chance your rental property will generate a big buck.

Condition of Property

Many real estate investors do not concentrate much on the state of a property, which can sabotage their efforts. When a particular part of the property needs repairs or preventive maintenance. The condition of your property will determine if you will have a profitable rental property regardless of where it is located. Even if you have your property sited in a heavily populated area, you may not get the desired profit if it is in bad condition.

Crime Rate

Any environment stricken with criminal activities is a massive turn-off for tenants. Police or public libraries keep criminal records, and you should be able to access them to help you get a better understanding of what you are getting into. Regardless of the rental value of a property or how cheap the rent is, no one would love to live in an area where
crime is prevalent.

Management of Property

Don’t be surprised when you come across a hideous house commanding a highly good rental value, even in a depressing economy. The reason behind this could be the proper ethics of management the owners have followed. On the other hand, the finest home in the best location may perform below the expected profit return. Getting a professional property manager is very important even before the acquisition of a property.


Many factors determine the rental value, but one of the most important ones is location. Your property may not command the profit you seek if it is not in the right location. If your property is in an area that is not desirable, it may not yield the desired return compared to the cost of its construction. Usually, a profitable rental property should cover the expense incurred in erecting the building and beyond. A thousand dollar property located on a bad terrain will typically be less valuable than a less standard building in a commercial environment with industries and massive establishments.


For the beginner investor, investing in rental properties can be hugely intimidating, but knowing what to look out for and where to look for them can help you determine the profitability of a property before putting your money in. Review the profit potential of your chosen property, compare its future value against its current situation, and ask yourself if this is a property you can manage by yourself or if you are ready to hire a property management company.

Lastly, be sure that your current financial situation supports making a real estate investment. With all this information dialed in, you can take the giant leap and splurge on your next rental property.

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