What is a Short Sale?

If your house is now worth less than what you owe for some reason and you have missed (or are about to start missing) your mortgage payments, your best exit option may be to opt for a short sale. Maybe because you purchased at the wrong time, your property has negative equity, maybe your adjustable-rate mortgage loan has reset to an interest rate that you cannot afford, or you have lost your job and cannot pay your mortgage, a foreclosure might not be your only choice.

More and more homeowners are turning to short sales as a way to get rid of their homes without risking foreclosure, as mortgage default rates remain at all-time-high levels.

Your house they never want. It’s their money they want!

Lenders like dealing with us because we close quickly and with our own cash, unlike normal short-sale buyers! It’s not your lender who wants your home. In reality, it costs them a lot to foreclose on you; that’s why they are willing to cut their losses and sell your house. We purchase shorts in any price range and in any condition or location.

Does your lender have your short sale approved, but you have no one to buy it?

We have the funds to purchase your short sale.

If you have applied for a short-sale and your lender has approved the price offered, let us know. We have the funds to buy your approved short sales available. The fact that your short sale has been accepted does not mean that the mortgage process will not proceed for the bank. Your house will be foreclosed if you are unable to get a bidder to the table. It’s not too late, even though your house is set for auction next week! Don’t chance it. Let’s take your shoulders off the stress.

And what exactly is a Short Sale?

You are left in a tough situation when the amount of money you owe on your mortgage exceeds the market value of your house. This leaves the homeowner with the hard option of having to stay in a home they can no longer afford or try to sell for a short time.

You can apply for a short sale so the lender can mitigate their possible future loss on the property. The bank will usually forgive the remainder of the mortgage loan balance as part of this deal, thereby ensuring that you do not have to face the hazards of foreclosure, including wrecked credit, a judgment of deficiency, tax liability, and trouble getting a new mortgage.

When do you need to short-sell your home?

When is it prudent to have a short sale considered? Even if the lender is willing to change the loan terms, if your mortgage has become too burdensome or expenses are more than you can pay, then you can consider selling your home in a short sale. When you owe more than your property is worth, a short sale will also be a smart move.

For your house, stop foreclosure & get cash

The time taken to complete the sale and escape foreclosure is significantly reduced by getting an experienced short sale processing team involved in the sale of your house. We are seasoned short sale negotiators and real estate investors, and by negotiating with the bank on your behalf, we will help you stop the foreclosure.

We will give your bank an offer they will not want to reject as long as they agree to leave you alone! Know, even though you have negative equity, we can purchase your house and close it fast. The longer you keep waiting, the worse the situation becomes. Call us today to talk about your short sale options.

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